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California and Hawaii Landscaping FAQ

This section of our web site will answer questions that we commonly hear from our clients. We welcome any and all inquiries from our visitors but you might find an instant answer to your question listed here.

I am aware that a landscape is the overall appearance of a lawn or garden. However, what services are considered to be in the realm of landscaping?

In general, any additions or improvements made to a home's exterior grounds are considered to be landscaping projects. Most people think of landscaping as any changes made to a lawn or garden surrounding a home. Regardless of the size and shape of an outdoor area, every home owner has a landscape to work with. Landscaping is the art of taking this space and transforming it into an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed from the views from within a residence or place of business. Working with each client to cut the traffic patterns down to allow places to stop and spend time.

Why should I consider landscaping for my yard or garden?

Even if you are not currently selling your home, it is a well known fact that any landscaping activity can immediately boost the overall value of your property. When you do choose to sell your home, a beautiful landscape can speed the sale and/ or add thousands of dollars to the price. Think of your yard as your home. would you avoid cleaning the kitchen until you were ready to sell your home? A beautiful landscape around can make living there more enjoyable and promote a positive image to your friends and neighbors. So to have a low maintenance landscape and established entertainment areas visualized, helps you and your family enjoy the space more.

I've decided that I would like landscaping services but my lawn needs a lot of work. Where should I begin?

Start with a landscape consultation. A fresh pair of eyes can usually spot the major areas that need attention. It could be trees that need to be reshaped, or low spots in the lawn area, to no defined outdoor living space or children's play area.

Do I really need a professional to handle my landscaping?

First we must define a 'professional'. While landscape maintenance people want to act like they are professionals typically they only have experience with mowing and trimming shrubs. Always use a licensed firm. Licensed to provide design takes years of education and requires insurance to perform design duties. While we would certainly love for you to try our full design services, some projects can be completed at home, with only a consultation, in only a an hour or so.. Deciding whether or not to hire a professional generally comes down to personal taste and the size of the project. You can save a great deal of money on very small projects, however, by consulting with a professional for 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel like you do not have enough time, patience or creativity to handle your landscaping, a professional might be the right choice. However, if you look forward to starting a new lawn project, you might decide to handle many of the tasks yourself.

I want to do my own landscaping, lawn care or gardening. Where should I begin?

Start your landscaping project in an area where you feel the most comfortable working. Gather some resources to help you with your project by purchasing books or looking online. To maintain your own property you must put time into selecting your plants, studying the background of the trees and shrubs to use will let you in on how much time you will require to care for your yard. Lawns are great to look at but very high on the maintenance scale, the water use, the mowing, the weeding, may make you think twice about cutting that down to minimum areas or to go artificial as an accent. Your use spaces should be defined and located where they will allow you to access them without cutting through them to get to the next space. If you are looking to keep the maintenance low the more hardscape you have the less trimming you will be required to provide. You might have a specific design plan in mind that changes once you see what previous landscapers were able to do with a similar area. After you known what you want to do, start by developing a plan. Keep a watchful eye on your yard to see where the dry or sunny spots might be. If you find dry spots, those areas might require a bit more attention. Places in your yard that get a lot of Sun might be great places for new gardens.

I've heard a lot about color theory when choosing plants and flowers. Can I apply this to my landscape?

From a landscapers perspective, color theory is very important. This concept involves mixing and matching colors to create a complimentary piece of art with your yard. Simply put, colors such as red and yellow are warm colors while blues and greens are cool ones. To create the best color scheme in your lawn, try matching warm colors with other warm colors and cool colors in the same way. Warm colors can be exciting while cool colors are often considered to be calming. So, if you are considering designing a garden for meditation, you will likely prefer to stick to cool colors in your fixtures and flowers. The area you live in may limit your color selections but typically there will be something that will bloom with a color you like.

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