Residential Water Features in Omaha

We’re proud to be the most trusted design and installation company for residential water features in Omaha. If you’re ready for a water feature that can boost your market value, increase your curb appeal, and make your guests say wow, call us today at (408) 202-9920 to talk to an agent or to make an appointment today!

The Many Beautiful Types of Water Features Available to Omaha

There are so many beautiful waters features available to our beautiful region. While we keep our website as updated as possible, make sure you contact us at (408) 202-9920. Ask us which of the following water features are currently meeting our extensive vetting process for the most cost-effective materials and contractors who go above and beyond. Call to ask about our pricing for each feature and to find out about our specials!

Backyard Water Fountains

Nothing quite gives the wow factor than a residential water fountain does, and if you’re interested in bringing the experience of your backyard to the next level, this is a great option for you. Your backyard water fountain will be the talk of the town if you build one with Exterior Images!


Waterfalls bring a sense of wonder and tranquility to any residential area. Exterior Images specializes in backyard waterfalls that will give your guests and family that extra magical impression of your backyard. We’re proud to also offer the design, engineering, and installation of waterfalls in a variety of other places around your home. Call us today for more information!

Patio Fountains

A patio is great—but a patio with a fountain is even better. The installation of a patio fountain can be tricky, especially if the patio is pre-existing and wasn’t designed to have a fountain on it. Lucky for you, our contractors love to rise to that kind of challenge. If you want to talk to one about what they can do for your patio, whether you have one already or not, call us today!

Garden Water Features

We know that the garden is often the shining jewel of the home. A water represents a special relationship with your land and property. A water feature can be integrated into the irrigation system to help provide watering and nutrition for your plants or stand alone as a beautiful thing in itself! Some of our garden water features include waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and more. Contact us today to see what a really good fit for your property could be!


Ponds are tranquil and encourage a sense of reflection in your property. They’re also often some of the most cost-effective water feature options!

Choose Exterior Images for Residential Water Features in Omaha

We’re so proud to offer the best design, engineering, and installation services for water features in Omaha. From the simplest moving stream or pond, to the most incredible falling outdoor wall fountains, we’re sure we’ll be able to match you with the design and building team that will blow you away with their professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and expertise. Call today!